Friday, August 9, 2013

Second batch of iHerb loot

Well, since my first iHerb order came quickly and I was superbly pleased with the quality of the products, I decided to make another order for items that I left out in the first batch. 

I got this Aveeno anti-itch cream for The Kiddo and myself.  We are the targets of mozzies and it is no joke, coz when we get bitten, the bites swell up so much, they become the size of golf balls and sometimes it hurts to even bend my knee if I get bitten on that spot. 

 This cream contains 1% Hydrocortisone to help relief minor skin irritation - anything higher than 1% would require a doctor's prescription.  

I bought the Badger Active Sunscreen cream in my first iHerb order and wanted to try out the scent (tangerine and vanilla)... it turned out to be a subtle yummy scent and I went ahead and ordered the Daily Sunscreen Lotion in the same scent. 

I got myself 3 different teas coz my tea drawer needed replenishment.
I must say that I really love the Harney & Sons tins.  The teas are quite good too!  I'll probably talk more about these two flavours in a later entry. 

The Kiddo was excited to receive her animal crackers.  I would say it is really cheaper to order these snacks on iHerb than getting them off the shelves here.  If I am not wrong, the Annie's Bunny Grahams were about $10ish for a box... I got them for about $3ish USD on iHerb. 

We tried the Barbara's snickledoodle (left) biscuits earlier today and I must say I like them a great deal! 
I do not like biscuits that are overly sweet and these animal snacks are semi-sweet in my opinion and I get a strong whiff of cinnamon when I munch on them (",) 

Gonna call it a day, ladies (",)
Talk to you soon!

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