Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turquoise loot from Reebonz.

Hihi friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

I have a few 'go to' shopping sites and I try to stick to them coz I wanna avoid expanding my range of online shopping sites... as it is soOOooo easy to overspend when one shops online.  However, when my good friend showed me a picture of a bag from Reebonz, I had to venture there! 

The two items that I ordered came swiftly in nicely packed boxes.

Yeah, Kim needs to do what a dog does.... *sniff* *sniff*...

 And yes, The Kiddo had to do what her alter ego, "Snowy The Dog" needs to do... she gets into doggie mode and walk on all fours, sniffs and begs all the time.

The bag I ordered came in a black box and a dust bag.

So!  Here it is!  Such a vibrant and cheery lookin' baggie!  
They call it the Moroccan Market Turquoise Flame Chrissy Bag... a mouthful.
My friend showed me this bag and I immediately fell in love with it.  I am soOOooo glad that she doesn't mind a copycat friend like me (",) She's always updating me with new and lovely things whenever she sees them online (",) and genuinely doesn't mind when I purchase the same items as her.

The other item that I bought is this turquoise wallet.  It's a tad 'youngish' for a person my age I would say,... but well, I wanted something small that has a coin compartment as well as enough slots for my cards.

Goodbye ladies, that's all for my turquoise loot (",) and I think I am on an obsessive compulsive road trip to to acquire all things turquoise and mint! hehheee....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Food: Cinnamon roll and braided bread

Hello ladies of Hazelnutt House (",)

I've had my heart set on a Kitchenaid for a long time, but each time I visit the store, I leave without getting it coz I wanted more time to ponder over the colour.  I spent many weekends at Tangs thinking and rethinking the choice of colour.  I know that I love love love this Ice Blue mixer but the Tangerine one which is my second choice, is $100 cheaper at Tangs.  Orange is the colour of Tangs thus they actually sell the tangerine Kitchenaid a special price.

Well, I finally bought this really heavy mixer in Ice Blue.  

The kiddo and I embarked on our first baking project in our new place and we decided to bake some cinnamon rolls.  I love love love cinnamon rolls but it is soOOooo difficult to find them in Singapore.

My daughter's living idol is a Laura Vitale, a bubbly Italian lady who resides in the states and she is what the kiddo loves to watch on YouTube.  Noticed that I mentioned 'living idol'?  Coz her other idols are Barbie princesses and all the Disney princesses, thus that makes Laura Vitale the only human lady that she adores ... hehehe... OK, we made use of Laura's cinnamon roll recipe and we watched and rewatched the video and the kiddo knows exactly what Laura's instructions are.

Kiddo: I'll use a rolling pin to roll out the dough.
Me: We don't need a rolling pin.  We'll use our hands.
Kiddo: NO! Laura Vitale said we can use our hands OR the rolling pin.

So, I went back to the video and fast forward to the part where Laura was flattening the dough.  Yups, true enough, Laura said just that. 

Anyways, I got my way.  We flattened the dough with our hands... 

The kiddo rolling the log...

And slicing the log into smaller pieces using a floss.

Pre-baking... waiting for the dough to rise again...

While waiting, my kiddo decided to use some remaining dough as Play Doh... 

Since we had to wait for some time for the dough to rise, I though i'd teach her to form braids.

When everything's risen and gone into the oven, here are the final products.  
I believe that we sliced the log too thin... hehee coz the cinnamon roll looks like a thick sultana danish rather than a thick sinful cinnamon roll.  Tastes great though!

Before I placed the cinnamon rolls into the over, I thought why not bake the kiddo's braid too since I had space in the baking pan. 

She looked really surprised when she found out what I had done.  Of coz no one ate this braided bread coz she was using it as Play Doh and kneading it with way too much zest and mess before it went into the oven.

I'll end off with a snapshot of Kimmie (",) for any of you who miss her (",)

Check out Laura Vitale on YouTube or for her recipes (",)

Talk to you ladies soon!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

GAP loot with huge discount

Hi ladies of Hazelnutt House, 

here's a quick entry to share this great deal that I scored at GAP at Suntec City Mall (newly opened).
***My friend visited the GAP store at Vivo City but they didn't have this offer.  The lady at the Suntec store told me this offer will last till end of the month.

Most of the items are at 50% off and on top of that, if you purchase 5 items of more, you get an additional 20% off. 

Initially, I only wanted to get this dress... but after I whipped out my calculator, I thought it was silly to leave the store with just one item at half off, so I spent a lil' more time there and found other items (",)

This navy blue printed dress looks kinda boxy and shapeless, but with a belt, it will look fab... loose and comfy.  This is selling at $100, with half off, it became $50 and with the additional 20% off, it was about $40.

I love wearing white tops and thought this rolled sleeved linen top will go with the following two cropped pants that I picked out.  This is selling at $70 and with all the discounts thrown in, I got it at only $28.

Another top I picked up was this teacup print shirt.  I thought it will go with the blue cropped pants below or any jeans that I own.  After the discounts, I got them at $28 (",)

The following cropped pants are at $90 and after the discounts, they are $36 each.  They end right about my ankle coz I am way shorter than the GAP models.

Lastly from GAP, I picked up these rompers for some new baby boys.  They are $30 each and after the double discounts, they were about $12 each.

Next, I scooted to H&M coz I wanted to pick up this dress for my daughter.  It is a lovely dusty green shade with whimsical deer and mouse prints.  Something very different from the usual pinks and pastel dresses that she owns.

Talk to you ladies soon!!! 
Drop by GAP at Suntec City Mall to snag some good deals.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I've moved... physically as well as on bloggersphere

Dear friends of Hazelnutt House :)

I have not been updating my blog much in a really long time as I moved back in with my parents in Jan 2013, awaiting the hand over and renovation of my new place.  I don't exactly have a proper place to take pictures of my beauty related items and my dad would probably think I am queer for doing so hehee...   

It is June right now and I have finally moved in to my new home and we've been terribly busy getting everything in place.  Working with contractors is really a pain.  A simple instruction to drill a hole in the middle of a tile is perceived differently.  A request for a higher bedframe became a disaster, leaving The Hubs and I sleeping on the mattress without a bedframe for several weeks.  Oh well rants aside, we're more or less settled although our new home isn't 100% done up, it is getting along fine and I am having more time to do my leisure stuff rather than packing, trashing and moving things around.

I am officially back on bloggersphere! However, I have decided to make use of a the Blogger platform to post my entries as it is kinda difficult loading pictures as well as getting my paragraph spacing and alignment right on Onsugar.  With Blogger, I can upload an entire selection of photos at one go and getting my paragraph spacing to my desired width didn't fail me on Blogger.  That being said, I'll continue to link my entries the way many other ladies are doing on Onsugar.  If you wanna be updated directly, do add me to your reading list.

At my new place, on Blogger, I will be doing more craft entries than I was while on Onsugar.  Of coz beauty related posts as well as quick recipes will not be forgotten.  The craft entries are just something new that I am embarking on.  I've set aside the extra room that I have as a craftroom and I am excited to get crafty as often as I can (",) 

Talk to you ladies again, SOON! 

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