Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turquoise loot from Reebonz.

Hihi friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

I have a few 'go to' shopping sites and I try to stick to them coz I wanna avoid expanding my range of online shopping sites... as it is soOOooo easy to overspend when one shops online.  However, when my good friend showed me a picture of a bag from Reebonz, I had to venture there! 

The two items that I ordered came swiftly in nicely packed boxes.

Yeah, Kim needs to do what a dog does.... *sniff* *sniff*...

 And yes, The Kiddo had to do what her alter ego, "Snowy The Dog" needs to do... she gets into doggie mode and walk on all fours, sniffs and begs all the time.

The bag I ordered came in a black box and a dust bag.

So!  Here it is!  Such a vibrant and cheery lookin' baggie!  
They call it the Moroccan Market Turquoise Flame Chrissy Bag... a mouthful.
My friend showed me this bag and I immediately fell in love with it.  I am soOOooo glad that she doesn't mind a copycat friend like me (",) She's always updating me with new and lovely things whenever she sees them online (",) and genuinely doesn't mind when I purchase the same items as her.

The other item that I bought is this turquoise wallet.  It's a tad 'youngish' for a person my age I would say,... but well, I wanted something small that has a coin compartment as well as enough slots for my cards.

Goodbye ladies, that's all for my turquoise loot (",) and I think I am on an obsessive compulsive road trip to to acquire all things turquoise and mint! hehheee....


  1. The wallet is pretty and nah I think it suits you just fine! :)

    1. Yeah, thanks for the reassurance :) I am indeed loving it. Handy and not too long.


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