Sunday, July 7, 2013

Craftroom loot

Hello, friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

I am in the midst of setting up my craftroom and so, I went to pick up some supplies that I lack at Art Friend. 

Here's 3 sets of Plaid stencils.  Each pack contains 48 sheets of stencils.

I wouldn't call these good quality stencils as they are made of paper and not the plastic stencil sheets.  However, for $6ish a pack, I went ahead and got them for the variety rather than the quality.    Besides, when I spray or paint over these paper stencils, it will actually help to waterproof them and make them last longer.  I've seen these selling at more than twice the price at Spotlight.

I picked up another pack of Plaid stencils, 12 sheets with different backgrounds e.g. animal prints and geometric prints.  These are about $3 and are plastic stencil sheets.

Next up, a bunch of white paste but with different purposes.  A tube of gesso for priming whatever I need to prime, Mod Podge to stick, seal and varnish just about anything as well as a bottle of all purpose glue. 

A selection of inexpensive flat brushes to add to my huge paint brush collection. 

Some waxed pencils...

Charcoal sticks...

A brush bucket as well as jumbo craft sticks (",) 

I ran out of royal blue acrylic paint so I got this.  I usually buy this brand of acrylic paint as it comes in a large squeezy bottle and goes for about $11ish... with my Art Friend discount, it's about $10ish, so it's really worth the price.  Good quality paint too! 
Oh yes, I also picked up bottles of black and white spray paint.

Some sponge brushes and sponge rollers of varied sizes.  

Lastly, this $1ish paper streamer ... I'm just gonna hand it to my kiddo and see what she does with it. 

Talk to you ladies soon!  Hope to start spending more time with The Kiddo in my craftroom (",)

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