Friday, July 26, 2013

Craft: Princess and the Pea bed

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Hi hi friends of the Nutt House (",)

For some reason, I refused to give this 'hammering toy' from IKEA away when The Tod outgrew it.  This is the kind of toy that allow toddlers to hammer pieces of something into the holes.  
Somehow, I knew that one day, I will put it to good use. 

So, after having read The Princess and the Pea to The Kiddo, I decided to turn this toy into a bed for the Pea Princess. 

Added height to the ends with cardboard and secured with tape.

Next, The Kiddo and I got really messy and started 'papier mache-ing' the bedframe.

So, the waiting game starts here when we waited for a couple of days for the glue to dry.  We the bedframe was dry, we painted it white.

Next, I cut out a rectangular pattern to act as the template for the multiple mattresses that I was to sew.

The sewing was really easy, I used mainly old tees that I kept.  I placed two pieces of fabric together, sewed a rectangle according to the pattern and left about an inch unstitched.  This opening allowed me to fill the mattresses up with tiny foam beads.   I eventually stitched up the opening after filling up the mattress.

I did not want to hem up the edges, so I used a scallop cutter to make sure that the edges do not curl up or fray.

I made eight mattresses in all.

Here's a little fun fact about the fabric that I've used.  These two mattresses were made using the sheets that I used to sleep in when I was a teenager!  Although, I had outgrown the sheets, I adored the prints and kept the fabric and now, it has another purpose!

Next up, I got The Kiddo to wet a cotton ball and then coat it with a layer of green acrylic.

The Kiddo selected a mouse to be the princess, despite having a few human lookin' dolls.  The bed was of coz too short for the leggy mouse, but it sure does look cute with its legs sticking out.

The Kiddo also had fun getting the other animals to play 'sleepover' with the mattresses.

Talk to you ladies soon!!! 

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