Saturday, October 19, 2013

Flower girl makeover

Hello, friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

Kiddo's debut as flower girl for her favourite lady is less than a month away so I thought I  should do a trial flower girl makeover for her lest I make a blunder on the actual day. 

Instructions on how I put the whole look together is at the bottom. 

Allow me to photo spam coz I am truly thrilled with the outcome (",) 

For her face, a light wash of Bourjois Healthy Mix powder (I mixed two shades to achieve a shade suitable for her skintone).  On her eyes, I used the L'oreal Infalliable eyeshadows - powder eyeshadows just don't hold on kids' flawless skin.  I didn't wanna use a primer on her so the best choice is cream eyeshadows.  On her cheeks, another light wash of a sparkly pink Bourjois blush.  

For asian hair that is stick straight and wouldn't hold curls well, I curled her hair in really tiny sections.  It is important to spritz on hairspray after a few sections are curled coz if hairspray was applied only at the end of curling, the hair that was curled earliest would have become straight. 

I made these floral hair pieces and that's it! (",) 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

iHerb repurchase - free delivery for orders over $40usd

Hihi ladies of Hazelnutt House (",) 

here are some stuff that I am repurchasing from iHerb.  Maybe it will give you an idea on what 'tried and tested' items you can get if you're thinking of making an order.

I like this Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Classics.  They are about $3ish usd.  When I first snacked on these, I thought they were much tooOOooo salty.  So the entire box sat on the shelf for quite awhile till I ran out of adam cheese which I snack on with celery and carrots.  I remembered this box of salty crackers and decided to pack it with my celery sticks and carrot for my afternoon snack at work.  This combination turned out fab!  A good alternative if cheese isn't available.

I share this Snickerdoodle animal snack from Barbara's with kiddo.  It's about $4ish usd.
I like that it isn't overly sweet and has a strong taste of cinnamon.

I love love love this tea cup which is currently on sale for $2.95.  It comes with an infuser and a lid - all in clear glass.  Gonna get me a couple more so The Hubs can have his own.  Here's the link (",)  

And since I've run out of this Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme, it'll have to go into my cart too (",)
It's $7.99usd.

iHerb is offering free shipping via SingPost for orders over $40usd.  

Talk to you ladies soon!  Gonna browse iHerb for more online satisfaction! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review - Harney & Sons tea, Vanilla Comoro and Earl Grey Supreme

Hi friends of Hazelnutt House (",)

I purchased these tins of Harney & Sons tea from iHerb without much knowledge of this brand.  I love how the tins look and I'm already thinking of how I can make use of them once I'm finished with the tea.  

Vanilla Comoro is a decaffeinated black tea and Earl Grey Supreme is a regular caffeinated black tea.
I'm not a tea connoisseur but I really enjoy tea.  
Based on my tea preference, I would say that it is worth spending the money on both these flavours. 

Both the Vanilla Comoro and Earl Grey Supreme are $7.99USD each on iHerb.

I shall put it in simple layman words and give my views on these two types of tea. 

This vanilla tea tastes like regular black tea although it is decaffeinated.   There is no bitter or tart taste.  The scent of vanilla infused with the tea is very warming, creamy and rich.   Especially suitable as a comfort drink (",) Very smooth... Taste great with absolutely no sugar (",)

I like this Earl Grey Supreme for the smooth taste of tea.  Not too tart or bitter.
The scent of bergamot is neither too strong nor weak.  Just right!

I'll like to take this chance to link you ladies to a Tea Community website 

You'll be able to find reviews of many different types of teas here.

Right now, iHerb is offering free delivery with SingPost for orders over $40usd.

Remember to use this code if you're making your first order on (",)

Talk to you ladies soon!

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