Thursday, October 3, 2013

iHerb repurchase - free delivery for orders over $40usd

Hihi ladies of Hazelnutt House (",) 

here are some stuff that I am repurchasing from iHerb.  Maybe it will give you an idea on what 'tried and tested' items you can get if you're thinking of making an order.

I like this Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Classics.  They are about $3ish usd.  When I first snacked on these, I thought they were much tooOOooo salty.  So the entire box sat on the shelf for quite awhile till I ran out of adam cheese which I snack on with celery and carrots.  I remembered this box of salty crackers and decided to pack it with my celery sticks and carrot for my afternoon snack at work.  This combination turned out fab!  A good alternative if cheese isn't available.

I share this Snickerdoodle animal snack from Barbara's with kiddo.  It's about $4ish usd.
I like that it isn't overly sweet and has a strong taste of cinnamon.

I love love love this tea cup which is currently on sale for $2.95.  It comes with an infuser and a lid - all in clear glass.  Gonna get me a couple more so The Hubs can have his own.  Here's the link (",)  

And since I've run out of this Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme, it'll have to go into my cart too (",)
It's $7.99usd.

iHerb is offering free shipping via SingPost for orders over $40usd.  

Talk to you ladies soon!  Gonna browse iHerb for more online satisfaction! 

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