Saturday, July 27, 2013

iHerb loot: Ecotools, Real techniques, Badger and lots more

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Hello friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

I was checking out Vivawoman's review on Mychelle's facial cleansers and decided to check out  When I shop on a new online store, I tend load my cart and hem and haw for a couple of days before I decide if I wanna go ahead with the purchase or not. 

Today, I notice that Singpost is having a free delivery over $60usd purchase so I decided to just go ahead and make the order.  Do note that the free deliver is for the month of July.  I am new to iHerb, so I really do not know if this free delivery is a regular perk or not.

Although, i've not received my loot, I thought i'd share it here to alert you ladies of the free delivery for the month of July (",)

Here's what I carted.

For myself:
  • Deep Steep Honeydew and Spearmint bodywash
  • Mychelles Dermaceuticals Creamy Pumpkin cleanser
  • Mychelles Dermaceuticals Apple Brightening Cleanser

  • Ecotools Foam Applicator
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

For The Kid and Kimmie The Dog:

  • Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen Tangerine and Vanilla
  • Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste
  • Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds 

I bought 2 packets of chia seeds, one for Kim and one for me.  Not gonna go too much into the benefits of chia seeds but since they are high in Omega 3, I do not have to 'poison' Kim's food with stinky fish oil.  I believe she will be eternally grateful to me for making this switch since chia seeds are tasteless!  Oh yes, they are high in calcium too... Kim's getting older, so I need to up her calcium intake.

Do make use of this code SRD618 at checkout for a $10 off your purchase (",)
Do note that the free delivery I mentioned above is only for the month of July.

Once you have accumulated enough $$$ in your cart, the paid shipping from Singpost will change to Free Shipping.

Have fun shopping!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Craft: Princess and the Pea bed

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Hi hi friends of the Nutt House (",)

For some reason, I refused to give this 'hammering toy' from IKEA away when The Tod outgrew it.  This is the kind of toy that allow toddlers to hammer pieces of something into the holes.  
Somehow, I knew that one day, I will put it to good use. 

So, after having read The Princess and the Pea to The Kiddo, I decided to turn this toy into a bed for the Pea Princess. 

Added height to the ends with cardboard and secured with tape.

Next, The Kiddo and I got really messy and started 'papier mache-ing' the bedframe.

So, the waiting game starts here when we waited for a couple of days for the glue to dry.  We the bedframe was dry, we painted it white.

Next, I cut out a rectangular pattern to act as the template for the multiple mattresses that I was to sew.

The sewing was really easy, I used mainly old tees that I kept.  I placed two pieces of fabric together, sewed a rectangle according to the pattern and left about an inch unstitched.  This opening allowed me to fill the mattresses up with tiny foam beads.   I eventually stitched up the opening after filling up the mattress.

I did not want to hem up the edges, so I used a scallop cutter to make sure that the edges do not curl up or fray.

I made eight mattresses in all.

Here's a little fun fact about the fabric that I've used.  These two mattresses were made using the sheets that I used to sleep in when I was a teenager!  Although, I had outgrown the sheets, I adored the prints and kept the fabric and now, it has another purpose!

Next up, I got The Kiddo to wet a cotton ball and then coat it with a layer of green acrylic.

The Kiddo selected a mouse to be the princess, despite having a few human lookin' dolls.  The bed was of coz too short for the leggy mouse, but it sure does look cute with its legs sticking out.

The Kiddo also had fun getting the other animals to play 'sleepover' with the mattresses.

Talk to you ladies soon!!! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Craft project - repainting a box

Hi, friends of Hazelnutt house (",) 

I have been using this wooden box from Ikea for several years to store my makeup and since I have moved and reorganised my makeup storage, I decided to give this box a new life and use it in my craftroom instead. 

Here's how it looks without the drawers.

First, I primed the box with white wall paint.

Here's the supplies all laid out on layers of newspapers.

- spray paint
- acrylic paint
- sponge rollers and brushes
- sandpaper
- bubble wrap

- water bucket
- old tee 
- paint poured into waterproof muffin cups
not in picture: stencils

I wanted to introduce some simple techniques to The Kiddo using different medium and tools.

I got her to roll random paint shades over the wood to create a base colour.

Here's her transferring bubble wrap print to add texture. 

Speed drying the different layers with a hairdryer. 
We distressed the paint a little by sanding down the layers with a sandpaper.

I didn't manage to capture shots of us spray painting on the different stencils coz by this time, my hands way too messed up for photo taking ;)





I found that this box without its drawers fit A4 paper really nicely.  So this newly repainted box now holds some of my photo paper, origami paper as well as printing sheets. 

The box did not turn out fab but it will do since I was using this chance to play around with different medium and tools with The Kiddo. 

For any parents who plan on introducing writing, painting or teaching your child to play a musical instrument, I wish you the best of patience.  Very often, the child is over the moon for five minutes and the very next second, the child will be totally disinterested and sulky; the child will not wanna follow any instructions despite the parent's best interest.  This, I speak with that I've experienced with The Kid. 

Talk to you ladies soon!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Craftroom loot

Hello, friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

I am in the midst of setting up my craftroom and so, I went to pick up some supplies that I lack at Art Friend. 

Here's 3 sets of Plaid stencils.  Each pack contains 48 sheets of stencils.

I wouldn't call these good quality stencils as they are made of paper and not the plastic stencil sheets.  However, for $6ish a pack, I went ahead and got them for the variety rather than the quality.    Besides, when I spray or paint over these paper stencils, it will actually help to waterproof them and make them last longer.  I've seen these selling at more than twice the price at Spotlight.

I picked up another pack of Plaid stencils, 12 sheets with different backgrounds e.g. animal prints and geometric prints.  These are about $3 and are plastic stencil sheets.

Next up, a bunch of white paste but with different purposes.  A tube of gesso for priming whatever I need to prime, Mod Podge to stick, seal and varnish just about anything as well as a bottle of all purpose glue. 

A selection of inexpensive flat brushes to add to my huge paint brush collection. 

Some waxed pencils...

Charcoal sticks...

A brush bucket as well as jumbo craft sticks (",) 

I ran out of royal blue acrylic paint so I got this.  I usually buy this brand of acrylic paint as it comes in a large squeezy bottle and goes for about $11ish... with my Art Friend discount, it's about $10ish, so it's really worth the price.  Good quality paint too! 
Oh yes, I also picked up bottles of black and white spray paint.

Some sponge brushes and sponge rollers of varied sizes.  

Lastly, this $1ish paper streamer ... I'm just gonna hand it to my kiddo and see what she does with it. 

Talk to you ladies soon!  Hope to start spending more time with The Kiddo in my craftroom (",)

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