Saturday, July 20, 2013

Craft project - repainting a box

Hi, friends of Hazelnutt house (",) 

I have been using this wooden box from Ikea for several years to store my makeup and since I have moved and reorganised my makeup storage, I decided to give this box a new life and use it in my craftroom instead. 

Here's how it looks without the drawers.

First, I primed the box with white wall paint.

Here's the supplies all laid out on layers of newspapers.

- spray paint
- acrylic paint
- sponge rollers and brushes
- sandpaper
- bubble wrap

- water bucket
- old tee 
- paint poured into waterproof muffin cups
not in picture: stencils

I wanted to introduce some simple techniques to The Kiddo using different medium and tools.

I got her to roll random paint shades over the wood to create a base colour.

Here's her transferring bubble wrap print to add texture. 

Speed drying the different layers with a hairdryer. 
We distressed the paint a little by sanding down the layers with a sandpaper.

I didn't manage to capture shots of us spray painting on the different stencils coz by this time, my hands way too messed up for photo taking ;)





I found that this box without its drawers fit A4 paper really nicely.  So this newly repainted box now holds some of my photo paper, origami paper as well as printing sheets. 

The box did not turn out fab but it will do since I was using this chance to play around with different medium and tools with The Kiddo. 

For any parents who plan on introducing writing, painting or teaching your child to play a musical instrument, I wish you the best of patience.  Very often, the child is over the moon for five minutes and the very next second, the child will be totally disinterested and sulky; the child will not wanna follow any instructions despite the parent's best interest.  This, I speak with that I've experienced with The Kid. 

Talk to you ladies soon!


  1. your fonts are nicey!!!
    whats ur prediction on The Kid's baking interest, sustainable?

    1. Hmmm... The Kid loves baking and you may wanna ask if my interest is sustainable instead ... hehee... coz baking with The Kid requires lots of patience and cleaning up.


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