Monday, August 26, 2013

Magnum Cafe in Siam Centre, Bangkok

Hey hey :)  The Hubs and I were in Bangkok, Thailand for a couple of days.  I've heard quite a lot about the Magnum Cafe in Siam Centre in Bangkok.  I managed to coerce The Hubs to visit the place for some sweet treats. 

Right outside the Magnum Cafe, there's a long stretched table, the decor on the table looks very much like how The Mad Hatter's tea party would look like.

 I ordered the Brownie et conj fumee @ 160 baht.  It is a "hickory smoke brownie served with magnum green tea and thick chocolate mousse" as described in the menu.  

I thought it was gonna be a Magnum green tea ice-cream, but it was a vanilla ice-cream dusted with green tea powder.  When the dish was served, it came with a glass cover.  When the server lifted the cover, I smelled burned wood.... which is what you see in the tiny saucer in the dish.  Well, it's an interesting concept... I am really not a food critic, so all I could say was; as I was eating the sweet treats, the smell of burned wooden chips was rather welcoming!  It kinda lightly smoke over the intense sweetness of the dish.  The chocolate brownie and thick chocolate mousse topped with the ice-cream was a fab. combination... sweet, dark and creamy (",) 


The Hubs ordered J'adore les bananes (i love bananas) - 260 baht.  It is a 'crepe with caramelised banana served with magnum strawberry and caramel biscuit'.  The Hubs likes the strawberry Magnum and the bananas but I could tell that the dish was way too sweet for him.  

He removed the caramelised sugar coat that was on the slices of bananas and did not eat the ultra sweet caramel biscuit.

Here's some pictures of the stretched table that is outside the cafe... 

I love sweet treats and as much as I enjoyed my dessert at the Magnum Cafe, I would say it is a place I'll visit just for the ambience and experience.  The decor which I did not featured, is indeed beautiful... quirky with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  

I prefer my ice-cream straight from the tub or in the form of a simple banana split ... I don't need the fancy mishmash and hodgepodge when it comes to ice-cream.   

That said, I'll definitely take Kiddo there though, coz I know she'll like the place.  Besides, the desserts aren't expensive for the ambience.

Talk to you ladies soon (",) 

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