Friday, August 9, 2013

A tale of two pooches...

Well, here's the story... simple and short.  

Macy the Pup on the left (6 mth old) is eager to romp around with Kimmie the Dog on the right (8 years old).  

One is overly excited and the other is a grouch with age. 

Kimmie has had enough of Macy sniffing her butt and turns round to snap at Macy.

Kim's trying to slide away from Macy, but the youngling is persistent. 

And along comes Macy as Kim settles her furry bum... 

So, off goes Kimmie... 

Kimmie the Grouch keeps avoiding Macy but the latter is still all smiles and determined to make a friend (",) 


  1. Replies
    1. Very obvious that Kim wanna be left alone... he he...

  2. Macy your new puppy?

    1. Hi Sesame :) she's a new pup but she's not mine :) belongs to my brother. Macy is a dashund and labrador mix but she really looks more like a spitz and lab mix .. hehehee


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