Thursday, August 1, 2013

Loot from iHerb

Dear friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

I made two orders from and my first order has arrived!
It took about a week for the loot to arrive.   It is similar to the earlier iHerb loot entry I posted; however it is always fun to see snapshots of the items in real.

Tazo Earl Grey... smells superb!

Mychelle Dermaceuticals cleansers - Apple Brightening and Creamy Pumpkin.

Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste and Deep Steep Melon and Spearmint body wash. 

The scent of the body wash is fab *slurp*... I can't wait to share it with The Kiddo coz she loves trying out new toiletries too.

Here's the Badger Tangerine and Vanilla Suncreen Cream that I got for The Kiddo.
It is the waterproof version for swimming days.

Here's the Ecotools foam applicator and Real Techniques Expert face brush that I can't wait to try.

Some chia goodness for Kimmie and I.

Right now, I am excitedly anticipating the arrival of my other iHerb order (",)
Shall show you ladies the goodies when it gets here. 
I'll try out some of the products and let you know if which are the hits and misses (",)


  1. I love iHerb!!! :D Please do a review of the Mychelle Dermaceuticals cleansers, when you can. :D They look really good!

    1. hehee... my newly found love - iHerb (",)
      yeah, I will use up my current cleansers and try out the mychelles' items (",)


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