Friday, August 23, 2013

Activities for kids - $2 beading fun

$2 fun @ Daiso for Kiddo (",) 

My mum suggested getting some beads for Kiddo to make some accessories and we came across this handy packs of beads at Daiso.

The pack of beads came with this small bundle of elastic string too. 

Kiddo wanted to pour the beads into a cake box... great idea! Coz this way, the beads cannot escape to the floor if they drop. 

Here's the bracelet that Kiddo made.  
She made use of all the bigger beads and there wasn't enough big ones left for a necklace. 

I've bought expensive beading playsets and always end up tearing my hair out trying to get the beads and strings into the beading 'machine' ... nothing beats this simple old' skool way of pulling the bead through the thread method (",) Thumbs up!  

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