Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY - Downsizing a adult dress to fit a kid

Hello, friends of Hazelnutt House (",)

I was doing some packing and pulled out this tube dress (from Forever 21) that I used to wear.  My oh my... I think I have had this dress for close to 10 years!  I wore it even when I was preggers since it is really stretchy.  So, to extend its wardrobe life, I decided to downsize this dress into something that Kiddo can wear (",)  

Here's how the dress looks before the alteration.  It has elastic shirring at the top and waist area.

I decided to cut off the shirring on the top since I had to shorten the torso area to fit Kiddo.  Set the cutout portion aside for later use.

I eyeballed the dress and decided to take an inch and a half away from the top to bottom on one side.

I wanted an easy way out instead of torturing myself with the regular inner seam - I made two rows of stitches and trimmed off the excess with a scallop shears.  Not the best way to tame a seam, but this will do and it usually holds up pretty well (",)

After taking in the sides, I reattached the top shirring and added elastic round the entire top.  And that's that! I am done!

Here's how Kiddo looks in the dress.

She wanted it to be a long dress, so I made it into a midi.  A long dress would be too cumbersome on a kid.

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Talk to you ladies soon!

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