Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Craft: Medal for the #1 person in your life

Hi hi ladies of Hazelnutt House (",) 

Kiddo loves medals and trophies.  We decided to make a '#1 Dad' medal for The Hubs for his birthday.  We got the idea from a craft book that we borrowed from the library.  

So, to start off, we made circular templates and pinned them onto felt and cut the circles out.  You will need 1 big and 1 smaller circle.

Next, we stitched the smaller circle onto the larger piece.

The last and biggest piece of circle is optional and we decided to use a scallop shears to give it some nice details.  We hot-glued the circles as well as the number 1 cut out as shown below.

Kiddo wanted jewels on hers so we glued some on hers.

Here's The Hubs' '#1 Dad' medal (",) 

This DIY craft is suitable for grandparents as well as teachers too (",)

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