Monday, August 11, 2014

Castle craft for kids

Hihi friends of Hazelnutt House (",) 

It has been some time since Kiddo and I embarked on a 'large scale' project.  Since we've no plans today, we gathered ALL the boxes, cardboard pieces and all the odds and ends that I have been saving and we spent some time thinking of what we can create.  

Eventually, Kiddo and I decided to create a castle.... 
"A big one, Mama..." reminded Kiddo.

We made use of the wall paint that we have and painted all the sides of the boxes and cardboard materials.  I particularly like using wall paint as it dries really quickly.

To add some texture to the plain walls of the castle, we stencilled some 'bricks' at random parts of the walls.

Lastly, we assembled all the parts onto a large piece of cardboard and secured them with hot glue.  
Kiddo made some flaggies for the towers and added her figurine family on the deck of the castle.

Here's the back of the castle.

We spent almost the entire day working on this project.  We did not rush.  Took our time to get it right and also lots of breaks in between.

Talk to you ladies soon!  

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