Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No more mushy soap bars!

Hihi friends of Hazelnutt House!

I am currently using this bar of Badger Rose Geranium soap bar which I bought from iHerb.  I do not have a place for a soap dish in my shower area.   So, I came up with this idea of storing the soap in a pouch so that it will not be  exposed to 'excessive flooding' while it stays in the shower. 

Read on to find out more (",)

I bought this shower cloth at Daiso.  I picked this nylon version instead of the cotton one as I figured it will not retain water as well as cotton and therefore, results in less bacteria growth.  Nylon should dry faster than cotton too (",)

So, I cut out a small portion of the shower cloth and made it into a simple drawstring pouch. 

I keep the soap in the pouch in the shower area.

For the first few days, I took the bar of soap out and placed it back into the pouch to air dry after use. 
Then I decided why not just use it while it is still in the pouch?!

And so, I did and I love it this way.  Instead of lathering it and transferring the lather onto a loofah, I simply wet the pouch with the bar of soap inside it and used it as I would a loofah, all over my body.

Once I am done, I hang it in a dry area of my shower, away from any exposure to water when others are showering.  With this pouch, the soap bar remains dry till the next time I use it.  No more mushy soap bars (",) 


  1. I keep my soap in the pouch also.. (I use the laundry netted pouch) .. kekekee

    1. COOL! thanks for sharing this idea with me (",)


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